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3 things I’ve learned from blogging

Ah. It’s time for one of those super sentimental posts. I’m totally in awe of how much my blog has grown in the past month. In the past month, my blog has surpassed both the 6000 and 7000 page view milestones (the big 10000 is so close!

There have been so many lessons learnt. Blogging has been so important for my personal growth, and has definitely contributed to my outlook on life.

lesson one: thousands of followers don’t guarantee your success as a blogger.
fun fact, as of right now I have about 8000 followers between my two Twitter accounts (yes, I have two, it’s a long story) and about 2000 on Instagram. I know of local bloggers who have double that… but they’re very ‘disconnected’ from their audience. The numbers don’t matter if you can’t influence and relate to your readers. 
on that note… lesson one point one: there’s no guaranteed way to blogging success
Also, social media is not a good thing to base your self worth on. I’ve been there, and it’s a hard lesson to learn. Rather, base your self worth on how you treat others, and how you make a difference in the lives of others.
lesson two: stay authentic
you may have noticed – there are a couple of bloggers who are almost identical in what they post and how they write and you can feel come across as fake. I found the second I steered away from that style of blogging and made it genuine, and my own little blog community grew exponentially. I’ve been applying this in real life – authenticity – and my personal relationships have become so much better and freeing… 
It’s hard to fake being someone you’re not for a long period of time, it becomes draining and you start losing sight of who you really are. Stay true to who you are, and you’ll find yourself being happier.
lesson three: the scars you share…
“The scars you share become lighthouses for people who are headed for the same rocks you hit”
I posted something personal on my Instagram a little while ago and the response was overwhelming. So many people can learn from your mistakes and experiences. I think that’s what blogging is about though – many people now look for people they can relate to. 
Real life application? Don’t be afraid to leave your comfort zone. If you attend a church and they have small groups – go to them and share. Use your experiences to help others. You could even use blogging (if you’re not already a blogger) or Twitter or Tumblr or Instagram. There are entire online communities out there that I bet you never knew existed… but can relate to. Go hunting. Get sharing.
To my readers though, thank you so much for being part of this journey, You make me so happy and I am so appreciative of all the support you’ve shown me. I hope that you stick around for many more milestones (:

much love

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feeling inspired: little reasons to smile

Hey beautiful!

I’m back, with another feeling inspired post, yay! It has been a while….

Anyway, I’m obsessed with little reasons to smile. For those of you that don’t know, it’s a tumblr account where people submit things that make them happy and the account owners create cute little images and woooooow. My happy place. 

“But the most beautiful things in life are not just things. They’re people, and places, memories and pictures. They’re feelings and moments and smiles and laughter”

Here are 15 of my favourites:

taking a relaxing bath when you’re stressed
I think it’s super important to find things that make you smile, and to prioritize them over the bad. If you can’t find things to make you happy, create them. After all, it’s in the little things, right?
What makes you smile?
xo Becca
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FIRST IMPRESSIONS: dark and lovely – au naturale

My hair is naturally curly, but it’s such a hassle to wear it naturally. I straighten it once a week and hate myself for it – it’s such a mission.

Beauty Bulletin gave me the chance to trial the new Dark & Lovely Au Naturale Range. It will be available in South Africa from October and is totally worth the money.

I was sent 4 products:

  • Moisture Replenishing Shampoo (RRP R34.95)
  • Knot Out Conditioner (RRP R34.95)
  • Plaiting Pudding Cream (RRP R69.95)
  • Afro Moisturising Butter (RRP R69.95)
I tried out the shampoo, conditioner and plaiting cream straight away! First off, I love the fact that the products (as far as I can see on the labels) don’t contain sulphate. Sulphate frizzes your hair out, and is a big no-no for curly haired ladies, so this was a great point.
First off I started of with the shampoo, which has an amazing mango/orange-y fragrance. It usually takes my hair being washed twice through with shampoo to have my curls regain their shape (after having my hair straightened), but one wash & I was good to go! Even before I used the conditioner my hair was feeling soft and silky.
Next, the conditioner. The directions recommend applying it, combing it through & leaving it on for 5 to 15 minutes. I was a little pressed for time, so I combed it through for about 2 minutes before rinsing it out & drying my hair off with an old cotton shirt (totally recommend this – you can squeeze the water out, and stop the frizz that comes with rubbing your hair with a normal towel). My hair felt INCREDIBLE. So soft and silky and smelling great. My friends were obsessively smelling my hair afterwards. So worth it.
Finally, the cream. Consider it a moisturizer/styling cream for curly/natural hair. This stuff is FAB. I tied my hair into a ponytail/bun thing on top of my head and it has yet to frizz.
Will I feel the same in a week’s time though? Guess we’ll find out…
Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post, but all opinions are my own. I will always be honest, and never mislead my readers. 
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a life cleanse // some tips

If there’s one thing I’ve started doing more regularly, it’s cleaning up my life. I can’t move on from the hurts of the past if I’m still holding on tight… Here are a few things I like to do when trying to clean up my life, & brighten up again

  • Delete old conversations. If we no longer talk, I’m holding onto nothing. It’s super healthy to let go of the past and to stop yourself from dwelling on things, by not having the temptation to dwell on it.
  • Say kind things. Whether it be about yourself, or other people, a positive mind = a positive life. Good vibes and all that. Don’t speak about people you don’t like, don’t even think about them.
  • Allow yourself to cry, and vent. Don’t beat yourself up about letting the bad moments get to you. You need to release the anger and the hurt in able to move onto better things
  • If it’s not working, don’t force it. That goes for relationships, friendships and plans for your future. There really is no reason for you to keep working and feeling like a failure when there are other people and places for you to be better in.
  • Don’t run away from your problems. If you don’t face them head on and deal with them, the reason you ran will still be with you. Make sure to focus on releasing and freeing yourself before a new beginning.
  • “Clean sheets = clean sleep = a clean mind”
  • Don’t forget to make yourself feel loved. (Need some ideas? I have an entire post on it.)
  • A glass of cold water, a walk, a warm bath and a good night’s sleep are perfect for clearing your head.
What do you do when you want a life change? Let me know 🙂
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love yourself // some self care ideas

“Your relationship with yourself sets the tone for every other relationship you have” – Unknown

Having a bad day? A bad week? A bad month?

Sometimes the only way to get out of a funk is to keep pushing on until one day you wake up and it’s not bothering you anymore. While you’re pushing on, you should treat yourself & give yourself a reason to see purpose and feel life.

So, 5 self-care ideas for when life gets hard

  1. Write a list of things you’re grateful for. It’s easy to forget how blessed you are when you are feeling run down and drained. This also gives you some perspective on life, and decide if what’s bothering you is really something to be stressed over.
  2. Take a nap. When you’re feeling down and drained, a nap is a great way to clear your mind. Turn off your phone, find a quiet spot and get some shut eye, sometimes “restarting” your day is all you need to feel better.
  3. 3. Take yourself out – for an ice cream, for coffee, for a long walk on the beach. Alone time is great for when you’re feeling overwhelmed and you’re constantly surrounded by other people. Even a quick walk around the block will feel great for some peace of mind.

    4. Run yourself a hot bath… or jump into a hot shower. (But not too hot, because we don’t want your skin ruined). Jump in and just relax. Lock the door. Use a Do Not Disturb sign if you have to, but make this your me time. No distractions.

    5. Make yourself a healthy meal. For me, this one was always such a weird idea, like isn’t comfort eating a bad idea? until I realised that there was a difference between stuffing my face with cake and making myself a fruit bowl filled with my favourites – it’s all about balance tbh. BUT the meal will make a difference to your mood.

    What are your favourite ways to look after yourself? Leave them in the comments below!


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    a mission statement

    I’ve never really thought about the future of this blog until recently and I’ve decided that it’s time to try a new direction. To be less like the rest, and more myself.

    Welcome to the new 15bex02, the lifestyle blog.

    I have a ton of personal goals for this blog, and realised a mission statement is exactly what I need. I need a reference point, or constant reminder of where I want this blog to go.

    “15bex02 is hoping to encourage readers to make the most of life, find the positive in everything and break the barrier of their comfort zones while never forgetting to take care of themselves and find inspiration in the little things.”

    It sounds pretty realistic. I think.
    So, with this mission statement in place, you can expect:
    More of the real me. I’m learning to be a happier, more positive person. I’m hoping to be able to express myself more freely and share my little wisdoms along the way!

     More posts! I’m hoping to stray away from strictly beauty posts, and focus more on real life talks, advice and healthy living for the body and soul. I want to express more of my personal style and preferences, and learn more about some of you. I’m hoping to add some reviews, posts about life and new things to try… Let’s see how well that goes.

    Dream catching. Quite literally, I’m hoping to grasp some of my dreams and visions in my hands and carry them out. I may share some of those in a post, let me know if you’re keen on that?

    Musings. I really want to share more deep thoughts and musings and ideas. I have so much more to learn and so much growth to do, I can only hope ya’ll come along for the ride.

    What you won’t be seeing on my blog:

    Only money making posts. With this in mind, if approached by a brand that I use and trust I’ll probably accept the offer and do the post. What I won’t do, though, is hide the fact that it is a sponsored post because I want to be transparent with you.

    Drama. I hate drama. I no longer follow celebs, because there’s so much drama attached to them. You won’t see any gossip-y posts (maybe the odd reference here and there), but I’m in no place to be judging any of them.

    Fellow bloggers, do you have a mission statement for your blog? Feel free to share it below! What kinds of posts are you keen to see on here? What do you think of my mission statement? I really want to create the kind of content you want to see, so let me know! ❤

    xo Becca