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FIRST IMPRESSIONS: dark and lovely – au naturale

My hair is naturally curly, but it’s such a hassle to wear it naturally. I straighten it once a week and hate myself for it – it’s such a mission.

Beauty Bulletin gave me the chance to trial the new Dark & Lovely Au Naturale Range. It will be available in South Africa from October and is totally worth the money.

I was sent 4 products:

  • Moisture Replenishing Shampoo (RRP R34.95)
  • Knot Out Conditioner (RRP R34.95)
  • Plaiting Pudding Cream (RRP R69.95)
  • Afro Moisturising Butter (RRP R69.95)
I tried out the shampoo, conditioner and plaiting cream straight away! First off, I love the fact that the products (as far as I can see on the labels) don’t contain sulphate. Sulphate frizzes your hair out, and is a big no-no for curly haired ladies, so this was a great point.
First off I started of with the shampoo, which has an amazing mango/orange-y fragrance. It usually takes my hair being washed twice through with shampoo to have my curls regain their shape (after having my hair straightened), but one wash & I was good to go! Even before I used the conditioner my hair was feeling soft and silky.
Next, the conditioner. The directions recommend applying it, combing it through & leaving it on for 5 to 15 minutes. I was a little pressed for time, so I combed it through for about 2 minutes before rinsing it out & drying my hair off with an old cotton shirt (totally recommend this – you can squeeze the water out, and stop the frizz that comes with rubbing your hair with a normal towel). My hair felt INCREDIBLE. So soft and silky and smelling great. My friends were obsessively smelling my hair afterwards. So worth it.
Finally, the cream. Consider it a moisturizer/styling cream for curly/natural hair. This stuff is FAB. I tied my hair into a ponytail/bun thing on top of my head and it has yet to frizz.
Will I feel the same in a week’s time though? Guess we’ll find out…
Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post, but all opinions are my own. I will always be honest, and never mislead my readers. 

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