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1 hour to productivity // beating stress and anxiety

So, you’ve had a bad day. You struggled to get out out of bed this morning, and since your feet hit the floor all you could think about was getting through the day and crawling back into bed, am I right?

But, obviously, because real life sucks you have stuff to do. Whether it be homework, or work you brought home, you have to do it.

So we’re going to set a timer for an hour, and at the end of the hour we’ll hopefully be able to get through our to-do list.
Don’t skip any of these steps. They each serve their own purpose, do them even if you have to force yourself to follow the list.

Step 1: Do some light exercise. In the wise words of Elle Woods: “Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people just don’t shoot their husbands, they just don’t.”. You can find a 5-10 minute yoga/workout video on youtube to follow along to. I personally love XHIT’s ab workouts! (10 minutes max!)

Step 2: Drink a glass of cold water and grab a (healthy) snack! The feeling of the cold water will make you feel refreshed, and when you’re feeling refreshed you have less time to feel stressed! (5 minutes)

Step 3: Take a shower or bath. Imagine you’re washing away the stress/worries. Don’t do all that in the shower overthinking.. Take this time to listen to some upbeat music, or even sing your own! (15 minutes)

Step 4: Put on your comfiest clothing items. (Make sure they’re clean obvs). Make sure to carry out a routine here by doing anything that makes you feel more put together – for example brushing your hair out, using a quick face mask. Anything that will make you feel better. (10 minutes)

Step 5: Grab some fuel to accompany your tasks. I love a warm cup of coffee or Chai tea on cold winter evenings with a couple of rusks and orange juice or cold water in the summer. A light snack, for example nuts, are also a great accompaniment.  (10 minutes)

Step 6: Make a list of things you know you’ll be able to achieve right now. Be sure to be realistic, if you’re not honest with yourself you’ll find yourself feeling super dejected about failing, which will increase your anxiety and stress. (10 minutes)

Step 7: Begin your tasks! If you’re really not feeling it, put on some upbeat music. It will probably slow you down, but at least you’re being productive & getting things done, which totally beats where you were an hour ago 🙂

How do you get things done when you’re really not feeling it? Let me know in the comments below ❤


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