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Ephesians 4:29
Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen.

I’m not going to lie. I’ve been great at gossiping… not that it’s something to be proud of, but my friends will be able to tell you that I can guess drama before it happens. It’s a strange quirk….
But I’ve also been on the receiving end of gossip, and it’s not fun. Hearing untrue, horrible, things about yourself sucks. So why would we choose to put others in that position?
You’d be surprised at the many different ways you support, and contribute to gossip. Social media has made it super easy for us to follow the lives of others, and speculate about what’s going on in people’s lives by what they’re posting & who they’re posting it with.
Gossip doesn’t cease to exit at all. It starts in school and will definitely follow you into the workplace and you’ll find it amongst your church. It’s what you do about it that matters.
We’re not perfect, we’re all sinners and one sin doesn’t make you any worse or any better than the next, but part of your journey with God is becoming more and more like Him. So we won’t ever be perfect, at least not in our worldly lives, but striving for to be more and more like Him and allowing Him to work on us will make all the difference.
So… onto Gossip.
Gossip can be defined, in the shortest way possible, as any negative thing said about someone else.  If you’re not lifting the person up, it’s gossip and you need to stop.
A great analogy on gossip, is it being like a fire.  (James 3:5-6)
A small spark can set off a devastating fire. So think of it like this: the spark can be an offhand comment about someone,  a careless word in anger to set off a chain reaction of events – people’s reputations get ruined, relationships are torn apart, people get bullied.  Why would you want to do that to someone?
Instead, extinguish the flames. Make a concious decision & a commitment to God to not take part in gossip, and then don’t go back on that: you may tell your best friend everything, but that does not mean telling her (or him) about someone else’s woes. Instead, build the person up & speak out of love.  Make sure that you’re building community with your words – your positive attitude and lack of negativity will attract people to your circle, and encourage others to live the same.
Don’t be afraid to speak up for what you believe in – if you’re allowing someone else to gossip in your presence, you might as well be gossiping yourself. What you allow is what will continue. But don’t forget to forgive. As Romans 3:23 says “For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God” – you too were once where the gossiper is, so treat them with love.

Last but not least, pray. Pray for those who are victims of cruel gossiping, those you’ve hurt with your own gossip and for future protection over gossip. Ask God for His guidance over your words

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