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a mission statement

I’ve never really thought about the future of this blog until recently and I’ve decided that it’s time to try a new direction. To be less like the rest, and more myself.

Welcome to the new 15bex02, the lifestyle blog.

I have a ton of personal goals for this blog, and realised a mission statement is exactly what I need. I need a reference point, or constant reminder of where I want this blog to go.

“15bex02 is hoping to encourage readers to make the most of life, find the positive in everything and break the barrier of their comfort zones while never forgetting to take care of themselves and find inspiration in the little things.”

It sounds pretty realistic. I think.
So, with this mission statement in place, you can expect:
More of the real me. I’m learning to be a happier, more positive person. I’m hoping to be able to express myself more freely and share my little wisdoms along the way!

 More posts! I’m hoping to stray away from strictly beauty posts, and focus more on real life talks, advice and healthy living for the body and soul. I want to express more of my personal style and preferences, and learn more about some of you. I’m hoping to add some reviews, posts about life and new things to try… Let’s see how well that goes.

Dream catching. Quite literally, I’m hoping to grasp some of my dreams and visions in my hands and carry them out. I may share some of those in a post, let me know if you’re keen on that?

Musings. I really want to share more deep thoughts and musings and ideas. I have so much more to learn and so much growth to do, I can only hope ya’ll come along for the ride.

What you won’t be seeing on my blog:

Only money making posts. With this in mind, if approached by a brand that I use and trust I’ll probably accept the offer and do the post. What I won’t do, though, is hide the fact that it is a sponsored post because I want to be transparent with you.

Drama. I hate drama. I no longer follow celebs, because there’s so much drama attached to them. You won’t see any gossip-y posts (maybe the odd reference here and there), but I’m in no place to be judging any of them.

Fellow bloggers, do you have a mission statement for your blog? Feel free to share it below! What kinds of posts are you keen to see on here? What do you think of my mission statement? I really want to create the kind of content you want to see, so let me know! ❤

xo Becca

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