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top 3 face makeup essentials – drugstore edition!

I’m in high school. 90% of the time I am broke. It’s a simple fact of life. But my face makeup essentials, in total, cost under R500 which is great for me because I only stock up when I’m running low, and why buy something I don’t need?
1: Maybelline ClearGlow All-in-One Pressed powder
Believe it or not, I use this to contour, and it works wonders. I would rather contour with a powder foundation than buy a contour kit, because why mess with a good thing? I buy it in about 2 shades darker than my skin tone & use it to make my round face look a little bit more angled and sharp. 

2: Maybelline Cover Stick in 06
This thing is my baby. I’m not even joking, I cannot live without it: at my school we’re not actually allowed to wear makeup, but occasionally-  if I have a really bad zit – I’ll cover it up with this. I also use this to highlight & it makes me feel amazeballs.

3: NYX stay matte but not flat Foundation

I love this foundation. This is still the old packaging because my skin is darker now (I have the new one somewhere) but the only difference in the two is the formula. Either way I love them both. It’s full-coverage, without being thick and oily and gross & my skin loves it. What more could a girl want?

What are your essentials? Any other recommendations? 

xo Becca

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