16 things I learned at 16.

I like lists. I love seeing items in a logical flow. (or at least I think they’re in a logical flow) So to celebrate my return to my blog, I figured a list of the 16 things I learned whilst sixteen was quite fitting! 
  1. Boys are not the be all and end all of high school.
  2. You and your best friend will fight.. what matters is how you fix it afterwards.
  3. Laugh. A lot.
  4. Don’t post on facebook (or twitter.. or instagram) when you’re angry.
  5. Diets are a waste of time – make lifestyle changes. 
  6. It’s okay to cry {yes, this includes public places, like school & the mall}
  7. Live the moment. Leave the phone.
  8. Save money
  9. Plan adventures with your friends
  10. Me-days are important. Very important. 
  11. Say no to nudes.
  12. Use your diary/agenda.
  13. Coffee is great.
  14. Afternoon naps are better.
  15. Travel.
  16. If they’ve hurt you in the past, chances are they will do it again.
Is there anything you wish you’d learned by the time you turned 17? Or experiences you would share? Comment them!

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